Building and Room Acoustics

Geonoise provides measurement, modelling, and consultation services for building and room acoustics application. We do acoustical designs (pre-construction) and acoustical consultation on constructed buildings.

Measurement and Consultation for Acoustical Auditorium Acoustic Room 

Reverberation Time Measurement: T60 T30 T20 EDT

Measurement and Consultation for Acoustic Insulation and Building Vibrations

Acoustic and Noise Room Measurement for Hotel

Acoustic Laboratorium Measurement

Anechoic Chamber

Some room and building acoustics problem that we handle:

  1. Measurement and consultation for building insulation, both airborne noise (e.g. ISO 140-4) or impact noise (e.g. ISO 140-7) (see more)
  2. Measurement, modelling, and consultation for building noise (e.g. HVAC noise, MEP, noise transmission in between rooms, etc.) (see more)
  3. Concert hall, recording studio, listening room, home theater, auditorium room acoustics design, etc. (see more)
  4. Modelling and consultation for facade design related with noise (e.g. outdoor-indoor noise from traffic, railway, industry, community noise, concerts, etc.) (see more)
  5. Measurement, modelling, and consultation for building construction noise (see more)
  6. Measurement and optimization of speech intelligibility (Sound Transmission Index – STI, STIPA) for meeting rooms, open plan offices, restaurants, public areas, etc. (see more)
  7. Acoustical design and measurement of offices (open plan office ISO 3382-3) (see more)
  8. Sound leakage localization on partitions or facades using acoustic camera (see more)
  9. Other problems related with sound and vibration in buildings

Can’t find your room and building acoustics problems? Discuss it with us.