Why do we need to do environmental noise modelling?

Nowadays, modelling is an option that a lot of noise practitioner prefer.

The most obvious reason for this is if the noise modelling is done for design phase of a project. In planning a project or an activity, generally there are parties that want to make sure that the project will comply with the regulations and standards. For example the management, investor, creditor, etc. will want to make sure of that. This has to be done to avoid potential problems (permit problems, protests from impacted people, etc.) which make the project doesn’t run well.

For ongoing projects / running activities, modelling is needed to make prediction if we make any changes on certain activity. For example, there is a noise problem in a factory. The company decided to reduce the noise level that is caused by the factory’s activity. Modelling is needed to predict the noise level after noise control is implemented, whether or not a noise control method will cause the noise level to fall in acceptable level.

Another reason is that in several cases, measurement might not be the most practical and accurate method. Road noise for instance, the noise level is needed to be considered for the design processes. One way to measure it is to measure continuously for a long time. If the noise level is only measured for 24 hours, the data that we obtain is only one sample of 1 x 24 hours while numbers of vehicle and the road condition might vary each day. With modelling that are based on standards and long-term research and observation, the calculated levels can generally be accepted and therefore give confidence to the engineers who do the design.

Geonoise is experienced to do noise modelling using a software called SoundPLAN (see more). We have done various noise modelling for road noise, railway noise, industrial noise, and others. We are also experienced to give training for professional and academician related with environmental noise and its modelling.

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