Environmental Noise

Geonoise Indonesia provides measurement, modelling, and acoustical consultation services for environmental noise application.

Outdoor Industrial Noise

Enviromental Noise Monitoring

Noise Measurement for 24 Hours Hotel & Resort

Noise Monitoring for Residentials

Some environmental noise problems that we handle: 

  1. Environmental noise measurement (24 hr noise monitoring, etc.) (see more)
  2. Environmental noise modelling (traffic noise, railway noise, industrial noise, etc.) (see more)
  3. Environmental noise mitigation consultation (see more)
  4. Noise measurement and modelling for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS). (see more)
  5. Environmental noise instrumentation (noise monitor, vibration monitor, etc.) (see more)
  6. Sound source localization using acoustic camera (see more)
  7. Noise barrier design optimization (see more)
  8. Design consultation for residential, industrial complex, etc. (see more)

Can’t find your environmental noise problem? Discuss it with us.