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Despite the heavy rains and floods in west Japan, the International Congress on Sound and Vibration 25 (ICSV25) was held successfully in Hiroshima on the 9th until 12th of July 2018. About 800 participants attended the ICSV this time. While almost every attendees encountered flight cancellations, overnight (or even two nights) stay in the airport, and other travel changes in order to be able to attend ICSV, the attendees show great enthusiasm for the ICSV25.

There are a lot of presentations and poster sessions in ICSV25. Acoustic metamaterial, noise control and vibration control seems to be the hot topic this year. Beside those topics, soundscape, environmental noise, measurement, and the physics of sound are few other topics that are covered by the participants.

In this event, Geonoise Asia got a chance to participate in the exhibition. “I think this is the first time we promote Geonoise in global scene. It’s nice to be here, to meet new people and just to say hi to people we know and have been working with.” said Michel Rosmolen, the founder and director of Geonoise Asia, who is also one of the directors of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV).

By participating in ICSV25, Geonoise wants to show its commitment to contribute to acoustical engineering in international scene. Besides promoting its consultation and calibration services, Geonoise promotes few measurement system and software such as Norsonic, SoundPLAN, GTI, SPEKTRA, M+P and Spectraquest.


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