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For most, noise is part of our daily life. Most of the noise problem is generated by the products around us, such as a vehicle, construction machinery and vacuum cleaner sound. Our perception of the vacuum cleaner sound will be changed if it is aesthetically pleasing into our ears. Sound plays a role in our aesthetic, quality, and emotional experience of products.

For example, the Car manufacturers have the R&D team to make sure that a slammed door will evoke the sense of quality. Nowadays, it is acknowledged that product sound design should be integrated into the primary design process to enhance the user experience both on ergonomic and luxurious value.

Some of the fields where our acoustic and vibration engineers are working in

Noise assessment

This involves measuring and assessing the noise levels generated by industrial sources and identifying areas where noise levels are likely to exceed acceptable limits.

Noise mapping

This involves using computer modelling to predict the distribution of noise in the environment and identifying areas where noise levels are likely to exceed acceptable limits.

Noise measurements

This involves using specialized equipment to measure noise levels in the environment and determining if they are within acceptable limits.

Noise abatement

This involves designing and implementing solutions to reduce noise levels in the environment, such as sound barriers, noise walls, and sound-absorbing materials

Risk assessment and management

This involves assessing the potential impacts of noise on human health and well-being, wildlife and natural resources and developing management plans to minimize these impacts.

Machine Noise Control

This involves designing and implementing solutions to reduce the noise generated by industrial machines, such as enclosures, silencers, and vibration isolation.

Process Noise Control

This involves designing and implementing solutions to reduce the noise generated by industrial processes, such as process flow modifications, noise barriers, and acoustical coatings.

Noise regulations compliance

This involves ensuring that the industrial facility is in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations regarding noise emissions.

Hearing conservation

This involves designing and implementing programs to protect workers from excessive noise exposure, such as hearing protection devices and noise exposure monitoring.

Sound Power

measuring of sound power levels for classification of (industrial or consumer) goods and consult if the sound power levels are too high, sound power can be measured a reverberation room, semi anechoic room, anechoic room or in the field with the use of a sound analyzer or sound intensity meter

Our Service

Noise control

Noise Control

With years of experience in the field, we understand the critical importance of creating a harmonious work environment for your industrial facility. Our expert team of acoustic engineers and consultants is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that minimize noise pollution, enhance productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance.

From initial noise assessments to the design and implementation of tailored noise control measures, we prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness while maintaining the highest quality standards. With a focus on sustainable practices and cutting-edge technology, we deliver comprehensive solutions that optimize your facility’s acoustic performance. Trust Geonoise to transform your workplace into a quieter, more productive, and employee-friendly space.

testing facility

Acoustic Testing Facility

Acoustic testing facility assesses how your product will perform in real conditions, and whether or not further revisions should be made to reduce noise or intentionally add the sound to a product. Our acoustic testing facility consists of an anechoic chamber, a reverberation chamber, test rig technology, and shakers for modal investigations.

vibration monitoring

Sound and Vibration Instrumentation

Sound and vibration measurements are vital for many industries, including the manufacturing industry, e.g. early fault detection in large industrial machinery, Quality control, inspection, and R & D of automobiles, machinery, electrical goods and other industrial products. Geonoise provides the top-class sound and vibration instrumentation.

Vibration Control

Vibration Control

With a proven track record of excellence, we are dedicated to mitigating the impact of industrial vibrations on your operations, ensuring enhanced efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased productivity.

Our team of seasoned experts possesses a deep understanding of the complexities of industrial environments, allowing us to tailor innovative and sustainable solutions to meet your specific needs. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and advanced analysis techniques, we conduct comprehensive assessments to identify potential sources of vibration, followed by expertly crafted strategies for effective control and containment.

Industrial Noise Intruments

Geonoise provides measurement, modelling, and consultation services for industrial noise application


Norsonic acoustic camera industrial acoustic

Source of Industrial Noise

Confirmation of noise source industrial acoustic camera 

Noise Measurements for Industrial Consultation

Measurement of environmental Industrial Noise

Environmental Noise Measurement

Some industrial noise problems that we handle:

  1. Measurement, modelling, consultation for environmental noise in factories (see more)
  2. Measurement, modelling, consultation for environmental noise in power plants (see more)
  3. Measurement, modelling, consultation for environmental noise in constructions (see more)
  4. Insulation performance measurement for enclosures (ISO 11546-2) in-situ (see more)
  5. Occupational noise, including hearing protection specification recommendations (ear plugs, ear muffs) (see more)
  6. Sound source localization using acoustic camera (see more)
  7. In-situ sound power level (SWL, Sound Power Level) determination for industrial equipment (determination using sound pressure ISO 3746 or intensity ISO 9614-2) (see more)

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